Your New Year’s Resolution – a new career!

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It’s the 1st of February.  Are you managing to stick to your New Year’s resolutions or have you already broken most of them?

If so, you shouldn’t feel too bad about it because studies which show that 20% of resolutions are broken before the end of the first week in January and at least 80% are
broken before the end of the year!

There are lots of reasons as to why this happens.  For me, I tend to make New Year’s resolutions that I know will more than likely be broken whereas other people make resolutions that they believe they have to stick to.  If I happen to keep one of my New Year’s resolutions then this is a huge success for me but if you fall into the other category (those that believe they have to stick to their resolutions) then the slightest setback feels like failure and they just give up.

I am not saying that you should follow my example because I never set myself any serious New Year’s resolutions.  Why? Because for me it is not the right time of year to be setting myself targets like this.  If I seriously want to make changes in my life or business, I sit down and work through setting myself some real goals using the exact process that is outlined in ‘Your Future – A practical guide to action’, because I know that if I follow this system I am guaranteed to get results.

The same studies I mentioned above also show that the people who actually manage to keep their New Year’s resolutions are those that follow proven principles of goal  setting.  They know ‘why’ they want to achieve their goals (and if you have a big enough ‘why’, you can always work out ‘how’!); they plan achievable actions steps along with rewards for reaching these action steps which keep them inspired, motivated and confident so they continue working toward their goal – wouldn’t you be more inclined to do something if there was a reward at the end of it? And most importantly, if they
do come up against a setback they see it as just that – a temporary setback which so long as they pick themselves up and start taking action again will not deter them from achieving their goal.

So if your New Year’s Resolution was to find a new job or change career, take a look at issue 15 – 7 tips for a new career of my Inspirational Toolkit where I give you my top 7 tips for a New Year, New Career – and don’t forget to take advantage of my special ‘New Year, New Career’ offer which expires at the end of this month!

If you require any help keeping your New Year’s Resolutions or would like some help with setting yourself goals to make some real changes in your career or business this year then please drop me an email.

Want to share your tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?  Then just add them as a comment below, I’d love to hear them.


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