Your Future – A practical guide to action

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I was tidying up my office today and couldn’t believe just how many books I had related to my work. There are books to help with career choice and how to get a job; goal setting; leadership; marketing; business development; bringing out the best in people; confidence; coaching skills  etc!

Most of these books are very well used, full of my scribbles and notes so I thought that over the next few weeks I would share my favourites with you – starting with the one I was involved in writing of course 😉

Your Future – A practical guide to action is actually a workbook packed full of exercises and tips to help you take responsibility for your life and formulate your future plans clearly. I regularly use this book to set myself goals so I know that it works!

Your Future - A practical guide to action

The great thing about this book is that it can be completed in as little as one day or worked through more slowly to allow each step to sink in. To help and inspire you further, real life case studies have been used to illustrate how problems and stumbling blocks can be overcome.  By following the process outlines in this book, you will soon feel it is possible to achieve your goals and live your dreams. As one reader said, “This book has helped me take the first steps towards getting out of the rut that I am in – thank you so much for inspiring me”


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