Why should I blog?

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Today when I was shopping, I saw an interesting sign beside a pair of flip flops on the pavement outside a shoe shop.  It read, “Naked invisible man”.  It definitely got my attention and I just wish I had thought to take a photo to share with you!

So, if you are thinking of starting your own business, how do plan to get people’s attention?

Maybe you have a website, but are people finding you? The number one reason that people go online is to get information and find solutions. Business blogging is just one strategy you really can’t afford to ignore anymore. Every successful business that has achieved a strong online presence and great results from their online marketing has a good blog. Blogging results in traffic on the web and will attract some of the 1.6 billion web users to your site.

Having a blog will enhance your reputation as a reliable authority in your niche. A blog can really help establish your brand based on your expertise. Some people call it ‘content marketing’ because you’re creating content.

Search engines like Google reward dynamic sites – i.e., they want to see fresh content on a consistent basis.  They will then send more people to your website which is exactly what you want. You can then feed Your Blog to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with the push of the “publish” button.

There are lots of simple blogging packages which are free.  All these sites make it easy to link with other social media sites.  I recommend using WordPress  because I find it easy to use.

Once you have set up your blog and are comfortable with using it, you can then start to use it to increase your visibility.

Unfortunately, as with other marketing tasks, it can seem overwhelming to some people. What I’ve found is that many professionals are really expert at what they do, but they don’t have time to tackle online marketing, so they end up ignoring some really simple and powerful steps that could get them much better results.

Are you ignoring social media marketing for this reason? Then let me help you get started so you can see for yourself why you should blog.


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