What is a Watsu Instructor?

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Today I am really excited to introduce you to another inspiring business woman, Basia Szpak-Borst, whose story will tell you more about Watsu and her role as a Watsu Instructor – her passion for what she does is clearly obvious from what she has written.

Thanks Anne for asking me to share what I do. I love my work! In fact I just got back from Bath after completing a training for the Spa staff there as Watsu Spa Providers.  I am a specialist Watsu Instructor which I have worked for 20 years. In the Spa business this premier facility offers reduction of stress in a historic location ‘Hot Bath’  where I also had the opportunity to surround myself in these beautiful facilities. As an Expat  Business Women  I have run my own business in Health and Wellness since I changed  from being a professional  Interior Designer in Canada and the US to Watsu Instructor and Chinese Medicine specialist. In 1990  I felt a shift for working with the exterior to working on the interior (the human soul), that means getting very personal and helping people understand their bodies, energy and how to live a life true to your soul.

I had many challenges as I got licensed and formed my business in Alkmaar where I chose to make my base for the last 14 years. My business is registered in the Kamer van Koophandel since 2005 when I established my private practice and since I have inspired some women in the European School  community such as Nadia Montsfort and Elka Karel to take this path as well.  I also wrote a
book in those early years about “Fluid Beginnings”‘ my own research with babies in water.

 So much healing can be found in the water environment and since the 70’s waterbirth was popularized the 80’s Watsu began and the 90’s was a true Aquatic Revolution.

I have 2 businesses Acupuncture BodyHealth Clinic my private practice where I specialize in sports injuries, pain , children, pregnancy. My second business is Aquatic Bodywork Consultants which I travel to teach workshop for professionals and lay persons in the Watsu arena.

First learning the language was difficult but I now am proud to speak 4 languages fluently: English, French, Polish and Dutch. Writing in dutch is still difficult for me and my 11 years old checks my texts as I don’t want to ask my husband too often. My best friend just passed from breast cancer and so I occasionally ask different people to proof read my things.

Secondly things are so low key here… not like in North America where word of mouth and my original support system would have spread my popularity much quicker. I have to constantly work on networking and be more outgoing than I may naturally be. Once I gained confidence it was easier to keep reaching out.

My success tip is: create your support system and if you haven’t already, find people that you are attuned with and who understand your Essence. Another tip is learning about myself, being creative and knowing my strengths. I am very good at start up often having ideas no one else may have thought of, plus I am naturally attuned to energy although I couldn’t really feel myself in the early days when that may have been too scary. I have an international appeal and my business goes beyond these borders which may be an advantage living so close to Schipol. Plus I am fearless and a risk taker. If you are in business there is a  certain amount of gambling and risk taking if you should like to grow.

Currently I am facing a challenge as I desire to work in a team and this  opportunity has not come by till recently when I was offered a group practice. Unfortunately the property manager was not clear, changing things he said to me, and untrustworthy so I got out of my contract before too much damage was done. I want to be more visible but in this merchant class everyone wants to be the middle man and make a buck on your hard work. The expression “wat wij kunnen voor elkaar betekenen” really means what you can do for me and not vice versa. I just know I have something to give people and if there is integrity there will be a rich exchange.


To find out more about Basia  and what she does visit www.aquabodywork.com



You can also contact Basia direct via email:  basiab77@gmail.comor call +31 (0) 6 42525383


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