What is a Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW)

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The world has changed. The times when people searched for professionals based on geographical proximity to home are over. Today, the Internet has set new rules for consumers and service providers. The best way to market yourself is to prove your talent. A Certified Advanced Résumé Writer (CARW) provides a definitive point of difference with talents that have been industry scrutinized and tested, and found to be superior.


My clients can be confident that as a CARW I am:

* Ambitious in honing my craft and continuously maintaining contemporary knowledge of job-seeking trends and résumé writing strategies.


* An experienced résumé writing strategist; a professional who employs sound and tested knowledge to help jobseekers secure interviews.


* Dedicated to professional development by sustaining membership in CDI and accumulating CEUs to maintain the credential.


* A cut above my competitors. I am confident of my expertise and willing to have them scrutinized by industry leaders.





You’re in the job market and looking for that dream job. With fingers poised above your keyboard, it seems that the only word you’ve been able to type so far is the word résumé.




Writers block!


Knowing that your résumé is one of THE most important pieces in your marketing collateral it makes sense that you want to put your best foot forward. However trying to write objectively about yourself can be difficult and time consuming.


You’re not alone.


Do you know that a good proportion of job seekers’ résumés never make it past the initial screening stage?


This is because their marketing documents (their résumés), fail to position them in the best possible light. It takes skill, objective thinking, and being able to pinpoint achievements and value brought to the organization to develop a powerful marketing document that gets noticed, generates interest, and compels the reader to contact you.


That’s where I can help you! I’ve recently completed a comprehensive certification

program-–the CARW!

What’s a CARW? The acronym CARW stands for Certified Advanced Résumé Writer and it is a certification offered by the international career association, Career Directors International.

Why should you hire a CARW? Certification means that your résumé writer has been tested and found to produce work of a superior standard. A CARW is someone who observes and stays in touch with current hiring trends.

What does this mean to you? This means that you can be confident that your résumé is not being handled by a student with a computer looking to make some money on the side. It means that you are being assisted by qualified individuals who have been rigorously tested via a series of exams. A CARW knows how to best represent you, and by mandatory recertification testing every couple of years, has to prove he or she is ahead of the game.


Summary: Look at your résumé objectively. Does it really say competitive? Cutting edge? Contemporary? Sophisticated?


It doesn’t? Then give me a call!



I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Employment Interview Consultant, and Career Coach and it is my aim to help ambitious and motivated people like you become fully empowered to get the job you want.