Time to re-think your career

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After reading last week’s post, you may have decided that it really is time to re-think your career.  However unfortunately a bit of playing around with your CV and a lot of speculative applications  won’t work anymore. Instead, it’s time to rethink our approach to work and this means looking at it from an employer’s stand point.

What you now need to do is to transform your CV and cover letter into your own personal sales pitch, one that is tailored to what the employer is looking for.  In other words, you have to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to do what the employer needs.

And once you have identified your skills, all you have to do is match them to your prospective employer and be able to convey them in writing and then in person, along with evidence to back it up of course.

Simple right?

Not always which is why I have put together a short course to show you how to sell yourself and get the job you want.  If you think that it’s time to re-think your career, just click on the link for more details.



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