The recruitment process and social networking

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While working with a client on his CV this week we got talking about his LinkedIn profile and how it really needed some work done to it.  He did agree that it wasn’t up to scratch but didn’t see it as a priority.

I nearly fell off my seat – he is desparately looking to change job but did not see how updating his LinkedIn profile would help!

So we talked for a bit and then I remembered that I had recently come across a really interesting diagram that very cleverly shows how recruiters are using social media sites to screen candidates.

This diagram was produced by an online reputation management company called Reppler and breaks down the process to show the link between the recruitment process and social media:


My client is now convinced and we will be using all the informaton we pulled together for updating his CV to update his profile on all his social media sites. I hope it has convinced you to do the same!

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