The importance of personal branding in job search

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Do you have trouble defining your personal brand or do you just think that it really isn’t necessary to have a personal brand in order to get a job? Perhaps you don’t like the idea of putting your personal brand out there for all to see.

Unfortunately, having a clear personal brand has become a very important part of your job search strategy but don’t despair, it’s not that difficult to create and it makes your job search so much easier from the moment you are considering the type of job you might be interested in right through to helping you during an interview and landing the job.

Having a clear personal brand helps you to communicate, consistently and confidently, what you are passionate about along with your unique skills, strengths and the value you can add to an organisation. This enables a recruiter to tell straight away whether or not you could be the right person for the job.

Having a clear personal brand also helps you to focus more on the types of jobs and companies that would interest you and therefore enables you to have a more targeted approach to your job search. By taking a more targeted approach, you are aligning your skills to those required for the job and your values to those of the organisation which means you will receive fewer rejection letters and are more likely to be asked for an interview; all of which helps in keeping you motivated during your job search.

Think about it, large companies spend millions creating and managing their brand because they know that it differentiates them and makes them stand out in their customers’ minds.  Sales people rely heavily on their company’s brand to help them make a sale and the stronger the brand, the easier it is to sell. This is no different when you are looking for a job. The stronger your personal brand, the more you will stand out and the easier it will be for you to make the sale and get the job.

The great thing too is that, unlike large companies, you do not need to spend millions to create and advertise your own personal brand. You can define your brand and communicate it clearly on all your social media, when networking, on your CV and at interviews. In fact it becomes such a close part of you that you can communicate it with ease.

Determining your brand and communicating it in your interview is a key interview-winning strategy.

Your personal brand is all about demonstrating your capabilities and passion and that is ultimately what employers are looking for, don’t fail to communicate it!

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