The Apprentice and Negotiating Skills

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So who watched The Apprentice last night on BBC1?

Sometimes this program makes me cringe when I see what some of the ‘would be’ apprentices do or worse, don’t do!  I have to say though that I found last nights episode quite interesting.  They were back to having a boys team agaist a girls team and they had 10 items which they had to locate and buy for the best price.  The winning team was the one who spent the least money.  The aim therefore was to test their negotiating skills and see who could drive the hardest bargain.  Interestingly the boys team won because despite good planning, the girls just couldn’t negotiate!

The key thing that I picked up about negotiating from this program was when Lord Sugar said that when negotiating, you must know your audience and adapt your approach to suit.

This got me thinking aboout my own negotiating skills (a long time ago I attended a Negotiating Skills course in London which was great fun).  The thing is that many of us don’t realise that we regularly use negotiating skills in some shape or form – essentially, we all like to get a good deal!  So after the program I wrote issue 3 of my Inspirational Toolkit – 7 ways to negotiate succesfully and you can read it here  issue 3 – 7 ways to negotiate successfully


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