Recruiters – are they part of your job search strategy?

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The recruitment industry is huge and continues to grow and many people believe that the best way to find a job is to submit their CV to recruiters in order to access their vast network and contacts.

Have you sent your CV to several different recruiters yet still don’t have a job?

Then perhaps you need to review how using a recruiter fits in your job search strategy.

My personal experience of recruiters for a long time was fairly negative – I had submitted my CV to recruiters in the past and never heard anything back or was put forward for jobs that I really wasn’t interested in. What I have learnt is that recruiters are sales people – they are paid to make sales which they do by matching the right CV/candidate for a job with a client. This means that their own career, and possibly salary if they are paid a bonus for reaching targets, depends on them making as many sales as possible. This means that many successful recruiters do not have time to give you a personal service aimed at ensuring that your career goals are met which is what you may be hoping for!

The key things a recruiter can do for you are:

  • extend your network so you can reach more companies and opportunities;
  • help you manage your job search;
  • provide you with advice and information on jobs; and
  • assist with negotiation.

The things they cannot do for you are:

  • guarantee you a job;
  • improve your skills; and
  • be responsible for the success or otherwise of your job search;

As with every industry, there are good recruiters and not so good recruiters so you cannot rely on them to get you the job you want – it is not their responsibility!

Remember, that it is your job search and therefore your responsibility to:

  • determine your own job search strategy;
  • be proactive;
  • communicate clearly;
  • research recruiters before selecting one to work with;
  • ensure that your recruiter is accountable to their activities; and
  • ultimately be accountable for your own job search.

“Working with a recruiter is not a substitute for your own actions and responsibilities in your job search. You are the only person who will experience your career and so it must be you who controls, manages and drives the job search.” – Leon Hendra, Changing Careers magazine.

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