This has got to be one of my favourite topics!

Apparently procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions or tasks with low-priority actions. I see it as finding reasons or excuses for not doing the things that we know we really should be doing.  We are all guilty of it and there is usually a fear lurking somewhere behind why we keep putting off doing these things.  I have to admit that I find it really interesting trying to get to the bottom of this fear with my clients – it is quite an eye-opener for them when they begin to realise that it is not such a big issue as they first thought and how empowering it is for them to take control and get over this fear.

I have a client who I know is ready to launch her business but just keeps putting off finalising her business plan.  Each time I ask about it there is always a ‘good’ reason why it hasn’t been done.  The thing is, she has all the information and all she needs to do is sit down and pull it all together – in fact I sent her the attached issue of my Inspirational Toolkit to help her issue 5 – 7 tips for a Successful Business Plan.  I have a good idea of what is holding her back and in our next session I will be asking her to identify what it is so we can address it and move forward.

Don’t let procrastination hold you back.  Check out this link for some  interesting ideas on how to stop procrastinating:


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