I had a great meeting yesterday with Jane re our latest workshop, Say it with Confidence, which we are running in Amsterdam next Saturday.  I was feeling really confident about it until later in the day when someone said to me “given what you are charging, how can you make any money on it?”

This got me a bit concerned.  Had we underpriced it?  I knew that Jane and I hadn’t  just pulled a number out of the air but I had to go back and check my figures.  There are so many different courses available and the majority are considerably more expensive than ours, so had we got it wrong?

Then a pile of feedback forms from a previous workshop fell on the floor and when I picked them up, the words on the first one answered my question, “ …and thank you for making it affordable.  If it had been any more expensive I wouldn’t have been able to come and I have learnt so much.”

Your pricing strategy therefore also depends on who your target market is.  No, Jane and I won’t become overnight millionaires with what we charge for our workshops but what we do know is that we can reach a far larger audience and that attendees can be guaranteed exceptional value for money.

So if you want to join us next Saturday for a 3 hour workshop in Amsterdam to learn how to negotiate and communicate assertively please drop me an email anne@power-to-change.eu

…perhaps it is our let down that we are passionate about sharing what we know to help others grow.


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