I am just back from spending a fantastic week in Chamonix and had to share this story with you which inspired me to write the next issue of my Inspirational Toolkit.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a fear of heights!  This fear is pretty intense and I will usually avoid being exposed to it as much as possible.   When in Chamonix, the family wanted to take the cable car up Aguille du Midi, a mere 3842m!  I am always setting myself new challenges because I love the buzz you get afterwards from the sense of achievement so I thought, I can do this.

The whole way up in the cable car, I didn’t look down. Instead I concentrated on what I could see in the distance and tried putting on a brave face so my kids didn’t see how I was feeling.  Ok first major step achieved with only a slight wobble in my legs.  However, on stepping out of the cable car this is what I saw:-

Aguille du Midi Bridge

Ok so yes the scenery is amazing but that bridge there was no way I was crossing it.  My legs were so weak and I felt lightheaded as I stood glued to the side of the mountain. It was a great achievement to have got this far so there would have been no shame in turning round and getting the next cable car back down.

The thing is, it was not that long since I’d run a confidence workshop and what is lack of confidence if not just a fear of what might or might not happen.  If I can help people to overcome their fears associated with lack of confidence then maybe I could use some of the techniques to help with my fear of heights.

It took some time and I won’t say that I enjoyed it, but to cut a very long story short, I did make it over the bidge and made it to where the people in the picture below are (although I admit I side stepped the last bit holding on to the side of the mountain!).  I could not stand by the railing and look down but wow the view was so amazing and I am so glad that I did it.Aguille du Midi

I love the mountains and don’t believe that there are any words that can truly describe what I saw.  This was a major achievement for me and is proof that you can face your fears and grow!

This experience has since inspired me to write issue 8 – 7 tips to increase your confidence– click on the link to read more.


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