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This week I am going to be really busy advertising and preparing for a workshop I am co-hostingin Amsterdam in a couple of weeks (click on the link for more details,

This workshop is all about giving you the tools to properly plan to achieve your goals and more importantly how to stay on plan which is the hard part; and this is why today I’d like to introduce you to a family who knows just how important, and at times difficult, it is to plan in order to turn their dream business into reality.

This is their story:

Having a company or a clothing line of our own has been an idea we’ve had for over 12 years. Starting a company at the time seemed almost impossible for us, at least that is what we thought. We focused so much on things we couldn’t do instead of the things we could do. So over the years, the dream became a faded light.

During the 2012 Christmas holidays, with no knowledge of how to start a business, what to expect or how the retail industry really works; we decided to take a leap into the dark. With my husband being a graphic designer and me having experience in administration, we set off! It was now or never!!

Our kids played a big role in this as well. Their creativity resulted in Nimojin as the company name. Their love for nature, flora and fauna has determent what sort of fashion we would offer the consumers. Eco and sustainable fashion was the way to go and there was no doubt about that.  A greater picture came to life.  We now know how we want our business  to be seen, but most of all, what we want our business to grow into. Knowing that Nimojin is built on a foundation of passion that comes from within, we are hopeful that this greater dream will be realized at some point.

But nothing is accomplished without challenges. Our biggest challenge was finding a way to work well together on a business level.  The sharing of the tasks, who will do what and why, agreeing on targets and setting deadlines for one another. We must admit that it was truly overwhelming at times. So much so that we almost threw in the towel. Surely we’ll experience more challenges but for us constant communication and support is the key to  overcome it all 🙂

We are grateful that even with the current economic climate there are still businesses  and people willing to work with Nimojin.  We can now say this is no longer ‘my dream’ but  a family dream, promoting creativity and protecting the environment, helping to bring awareness of alternative clothing.

To find out more about NIMOJIN and what they do visit  You can also contact them direct via email:
or call +31 (0)299 775 990″

I love their concept of “promoting creativity and protecting the environment, helping to bring awareness of alternative clothing” and I am looking forward to being able to post a really positive update on Nimojin at a later date. In the meantime, if you would like help in realising your dream then please check out this workshop, Your Future II – achieving your goals



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