Didn’t get much sleep last night – I think my subconscious mind was working overtime and in this case I blame LinkedIn!

Yesterday I had contributed to a discussion on New Year’s Resolutions.   I do make some resolutions but they are usually just fun things – no point in saying that my resolution is to go the gym to get fit because it just won’t happen.  I don’t think that the New Year is the best time to try and make big changes in your life.  We can be all full of the best intentions (and perhaps a couple of glasses of wine!) when we make them but interestingly over 90% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail to keep them.

So how did this keep me awake?  Well it must have been something to do with the idea of changing something for the better as I had all these great ideas going through my head for developing my business. The first thing I did in my sleepy state this morning was to write them all down before they were forgotten in the haze of Christmas.  Roll on January so I can start working on them.

So, when you start coming up with a list of New Year’s resolutions make sure that they are fun as this gives you a better chance of achieving them (this will really get you motivated to making bigger changes in your life) but even if you don’t, it will definitely get your subconscious mind thinking about all the great things you want to achieve in 2011 and that is the first step to change.  The second step is taking positive action to make the changes happen and that is the hard part and perhaps better left until all the festivities are over.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and I look forward to sharing more to help you live your dreams in 2011!

…and if you know of a cure for lack of sleep due to mind working overtime I’d appreciate it!


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