New Year, New Career – 3 tips to finding your new job

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It is interesting how many people believe that the New Year is the time to reinvent themselves and change career.  Maybe because it’s a time for reflection on what has happened in the last year and a feeling that it is the time for a new start. If this is you then I hope you find these 3 tips to finding your new job useful.

Up-date your CV/resume

While you can do this yourself, it has been shown that job seekers are more far more likely to have their CV read if it is professionally written; in fact, you are 40% more likely to get a job offer with a professionally written CV that truly sells you, your experience and achievements, and which highlights the value that you can add to the job you are applying for.

Update your online personal brand

Make sure that your profile on all your social media sites is consistent and professionally written and that none of these sites contain any information/photos that you would not want a prospective boss to read/see. If necessary, seek advice on how to create a personal brand that will make you stand out above the competition. If you are unsure of which social media sites to use, I would suggest that you target LinkedIn as a minimum as you can also use it to research companies, find job vacancies and generally keep up to date with what is going on your chosen field.

Have you Googled your own name recently? This is something you should get into the habit of doing on a regular basis in order to check that the information that comes up is an accurate reflection of you.

Network online and off

This is now the number one way to find a job as very few jobs are advertised on the open market. Remember that the key to successful networking is not what is in it for you but what you can do to help others.

These are only 3 tips to finding your new job; if you have others, please start networking and share them as a comment below!


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