Male versus female CEOs

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Recruitment specialists Talentful recently carried out a study on male versus female CEOs in the Fortune 1000.

Power struggle

Their research showed that only 54 of the CEOs were women and that this is actually a slight improvement – in 2014 there were only 51!

The statistics, in summary:

  • The companies run by male CEOs rank much higher in the Fortune 1000; of the 54 female CEOs, only 3 are in the top 50.
  • Interestingly, salary was not so male dominated. While Disney CEO Robert Igor, receives the largest compensation, the second best paid overall is a woman, Sara Catz of Oracle followed very closely by Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and Mary Barra of General Motors who take third and fourth positions.
  • While many of the CEOs have an Engineering degree, 25 female CEOs compared with 21 male CEOs had MBAs.
  • The average age of both male and female CEOs was 51 and they tended to come from very smilar backgrounds.

With the exception of overall numbers of male versus female CEOs in the Fortune 1000, the rest of the findings indicate little imbalance.

And, while very small, it is good to see that the number of female CEOs is starting to increase albeit slowly!

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