Looking for a job in 2014

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A recent survey by LinkedIn found that just fewer than 80% of all workers are either actively looking for a new job or are open to hearing about other jobs.

Are you thinking of changing career next year or are you going to start looking for a job in 2014?

If so, it’s time to start thinking like a business and getting your marketing materials together.


Because jobs are just another marketplace so approach your job search as if it were a business process where you are selling your services.

What are you selling?

To begin with, you need to decide what services you are selling and who you are selling them to:

  • Consider what it is you can do for an employer;
  • What benefits will an employer get from using your services;
  • What evidence supports your claims that you can provide those benefits.


It is essential that you take time to carefully prepare your marketing materials. These will include your CV, cover letter, list of references, your personal branding statement, along with a list of companies you want to target. You then need to start actively marketing yourself via a range of techniques including: networking, both in person and using social media; sending out job applications; using job boards; and approaching recruitment agencies, for example.

And as with all marketing, you need to monitor and track the progress of your job search.

Making the sale

This is essentially the interview process and as with selling, you need to really know your product i.e. your skills, strengths and achievements as well as knowing your market i.e. the company and the job to which you are applying.

Get your You Plc in place now and you will be ready to start looking for a job in 2014.


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