Key steps to goal setting

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Today I sat down and followed some key steps to goal setting by completing the exercises from “Your Future – A practical guide to action” and am now feeling really positive.  “So what”, you might say, “you co-wrote the book so you should know it all anyway. Why do you need to do the exercises?”

The thing is that I have been so busy helping others put their goals in place that I suddenly realised that I hadn’t taken the time to do it for myself and as a result, I really felt myself drifting with no real direction.  So I sat down this morning after my skating lesson and tried to think about what I wanted to achieve this year and when I couldn’t come up with something concrete, I reached for my copy of ”Your Future” and worked through the exercises.  It was really empowering.

It’s great to be able to help others but it is also important to go through the process for myself as well especially when I know that by following the system outlined in the book, I will achieve what I want to.

What would you do if you could put the direction and focus back into your life?


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