Is your CV being rejected because of your social media?

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We all think we are fully aware of the impact of what we post on social media however, having previously worked in the oil and gas industry, I was very interested to read the results of a survey that was carried out by, the world’s leading oil and gas jobs board.

So, is your CV being rejected because of your social media?


Unfortunately, there is a high chance that it is because the survey showed that 64% of UK recruiters from the 7000 companies questioned, rejected applications due to the applicants social media profile!

More and more companies are turning to social media to help with recruitment because, according to the survey, it is not only a more cost effective means of recruitment but it also gave them access to more candidates; 41% actually stated that it gave them a better insight into the suitability of candidates.

LinkedIn is still considered the most important tool for recruiters along with job boards but Facebook is also becoming increasingly popular. In fact the SEO of said,

“Social media is now a powerful recruitment tool for getting the right person in the job faster and cheaper than traditional advertising”.

If you want to be the right person then take time to review your social media presence to ensure that it is portraying the best image of you – with 82% of employers checking you out on social media, you can’t afford to get it wrong!

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