Is There a Perfect CV?

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I was recently asked the question “Is there a perfect CV?”

And my answer, a resounding “YES!”

This has got nothing to do with layout or format and everything to do with content.

The perfect CV is one where your personal skills, experience and achievements most support the career direction you are seeking so that it opens the right doors for interviews.

Your CV gives you the opportunity to put you in the driving seat; it is an advertisement for you designed to make contact and create interest with a potential employer.

In order to create the perfect CV, you also need to be aware of some of the key things that recruiters are looking for in a CV. To help you here I am going to highlight a few of the findings from a recent survey of employers, recruitment consultants and experts in change management, carried out by Tom Jackson and Ellen Jackson (leading authorities in career development in America).

Of those surveyed:

  • 75% agreed that the biggest problem they see are CVs that overstate qualifications and are vague about a candidates actual skills;
  • 75% valued experience over competencies.
  • Everyone preferred receiving a paper copy to back up an electronic format;
  • Everyone agreed that if a candidate was applying for their first job, they had to be able to highlight their transferable skills in terms of non-work or part-time work experiences as well as demonstrating a willingness and passion to learn along with a commitment to work hard at any work challenge;
  • Everyone was looking for evidence of resiliency, flexibility, leadership and initiative.

So how well does your CV stack up?

If your CV isn’t currently getting you interviews then make sure that, as a minimum, it is meeting the criteria listed above and if you need some help, just click here to see how I can help or drop me an email,, attaching a copy of your current CV.

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