Over the past few months I have written blogs covering a wide range of topics relating to careers and small businesses.  Some of which have been written on the spur of the moment as a result of something I have come across in my work that I have felt inspired to share with you and other times I have created a more structured approach to my blogging by writing a short series of blogs on a specific subject for example;

  • Why some businesses succeed while others struggle
  • Does social media bring you clients?
  • Confidence
  • Goal setting

Recently I have been writing a lot about some of the issues facing small businesses and my aim is to convert these into a short series of helpful and informative blogs.  During these blogs I intend to cover topics such as how to get more clients, strategic alliances, time management, branding, and innovation.

Later I will do a mini-series for those looking to return to work or change career and also on how to expand your network using social media.

In between these more structured blogs, I will continue to write about things that I come across on a day to day basis that I feel are important to share with you.

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