How to prepare for video chat interviews

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If you haven’t yet attended a job interview via video chat, chances are you will soon. Video chat interviews are increasing in popularity as they prove beneficial to both parties in the recruitment process. Video interviews can offer employers a glimpse into the personality of a job candidate, but it can also give candidates a glimpse into the hiring organisations’ company culture. Here are our top tips to ace these interviews.


Setup and Configuration – Complete this process well ahead of the interview. In some cases, you won’t be able to use the software until you complete a short registration process.  Downloading, configuring and registering an account will take a few minutes and therefore should be done before the interview is due to start. Keeping the interviewer waiting while you complete this process isn’t going to send the right message.


Install on Two Machines – Most video chat software are cross platform and cross device, so you are well within your ability to install the software on any of your webcam-enabled devices. It therefore makes preemptive planning to install the software on two devices, for example on your computer and maybe on your mobile phone. If one device fails for any reason, you can continue the interview on the backup device. Result!


Test the Device – Before the interview starts take a few minutes to test the software, in particular your speakers and microphone.


Test Yourself – Take a few minutes to watch or read a tutorial on using the software. YouTube is a useful source for many such video tutorials. Once you are aware of how the software works, ask someone you know to video call you. Often referred to as a ‘mock interview’, this optional stage will test your knowledge of using the software. You are not expected to know every single feature, however you are expected to know how to answer a call, adjusting the webcam, end a call and other basic functions.


Optional Personal Details – A number of applications such as Skype will give you the ability to upload a profile photo which is visible before the webcam works or in the event that the connection isn’t fast enough to support both video and voice connection. If you decide to upload your photo be sure it is suitable for the interview occasion. A headshot such as a passport type photo is recommended, a picture of yourself in shorts on your last holiday trip not so much!


Choose The Environment – Public places or the outdoors are simply unsuitable for a video job interview. Video chat interview calls for a noiseless area in which you can hear the other party and they can hear you without background noise. Similarly, light, particularly natural light is essential for each party to see the other.


Last Preparations – Make yourself available 10 minutes before the interview is due to commence. Switch off other software to avoid interruptions due to notifications and sounds such as a new email notification. Prepare any documents you might need such as a copy of your CV handy. Go and fetch yourself a glass of water.


After The Interview – Thank the interviewer(s) for their time by way of an email. Answer any questions they might have had and attach any documents they might have requested.


Good luck.


Written by The Carling Partnership. The Carling Partnership (CPL) is an international search and selection company in the cider and distilling jobs sectors.


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