How to love your job

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I often say to people that since we spend approximately 1/3 of our lives working, why shouldn’t it be spent doing something we enjoy and occasionally the response I hear is, “Yes, but that’s easy to say.  I would love to do something else but I am stuck with my current job because it pays the bills!”

So how can we learn to love the job we have?

When you hear yourself saying, “I hate this job”, the best place to start is to figure out exactly what it is with your job that you don’t like.  Be as objective as possible.  What is the real problem?  Is it a person or the company in general that you don’t like? And what can you do, or who can help you, to overcome this problem?

Try not to get so bogged down in your current role that you can’t see what opportunities there are for you to learn and develop in your job and within the company.  Challenge yourself to come up with 3 ways of working more efficiently that could lead to new opportunities for you.

Then take a long look at what motivates you and create a set of personal objectives which relate to the things that motivate you.  Having a positive attitude can really help as can a willingness to try new ideas!

What was your worst job and how did you cope with it?


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