How to improve your performance at work

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One way to improve your performance at work is by improving your working relationships and you can do this via the highly popular model of personality, known as Myers Briggs.



“Myers Briggs” is a way of understanding people based on the teachings of Carl Jung, one of the forefathers of modern psychology. It explains some of the different ways that people think and interact with each other. These differences, and their application in the work setting, have been supported by extensive research.

Myers Briggs can change your attitude and behaviour towards others with the result being that your working relationships become more productive and enjoyable.

The Myers Briggs model of personality is based on 4 preferences.

Where is your primary source of energy?

How do you prefer to take in information?

How do you prefer to make decisions?

How do you prefer to organise your life?

The model does not say that you have to stick with any one type of behaviour but that each of us has our own preferences for thoughts and behaviour. We all have the ability to behave in a wide variety of ways, however we tend to behave according to our preferences and by doing so we are more likely to perform at our best.

Understanding your own preferences is an important first step in using Myers Briggs in the workplace to increase your personal effectiveness.

Contact me if you would like help to identify your Myers Briggs preferences in order to help you improve your performance at work.


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