How to get more clients

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I am always looking at ways to grow my business and that includes looking at how to get more clients.  I thought that if I could come up with the answer then not only would that benefit my business but it would also benefit many of my clients.

There is so much information out there that this whole marketing and selling thing must be huge – no wonder so many people hate selling! In fact, a number of years ago,  when I first started doing my research I became a bit daunted by the volume of information available.  Are there really so many ways to market your business sucessfully and if so it’s no wonder that so many small businesses struggle – where would they find the time to go through it all and figure out what works and what doesn’t?

Over the past few years I have read numerous books on marketing and selling strategies and the simple truth of it is that marketing and selling doesn’t have to be that big dark hole that you persistently fear and avoid.  And more importantly for the small business owner, it doesn’t have to involve spending a large amount of money on advertising – click here for 7 tips for getting more clients

And if you have any more tips for getting clients please add them as a comment!


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