How to create behaviours for successful career development

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This week’s career success tip is all about how to create behaviours for successful career development; I want to show you how to get better at behaviours and skills that you would like to have but are unsure how to achieve.

The first step is to identify up to 3 skills that you have seen other people use to help them be successful in their career; skills that you would like to be better at in order to achieve the career success that you want.

This is a bit like role modelling. We all know that a role model is a person who serves as an example to others and that a role model’s behaviour is one which others would like to emulate or wish to have. So, for each of the skills that you have identified, you need to think about how a successful person, your role model, would demonstrate that they have this skill.

More specifically, think about what you have seen them do when they were using this skill:

  • What did you notice about their body language?
  • How do you think they felt?
  • How were they talking and what did you hear them say?
  • Think about their tone of voice and how loudly they spoke.

For you to be able to demonstrate that you also have this skill, you need to start copying your role model as closely as possible so that you can master the actions that go along with the particular skill that you want to develop.

For example if you want to develop your communication skills, think about someone who you believe to be a good communicator. What do you notice about them? The chances are that they take time to listen, have a very open stance, speak clearly, check in to see that the listener understands them, asks for clarification where necessary, gives a clear and concise message, asks questions, is friendly/approachable to everyone, etc.

These are all characteristics that you can copy and which, with practice, will ultimately improve your communication skills too.

So you see it’s not so difficult to develop behaviours or skills to ensure your career success.

What skills and/or behaviours have you successfully developed in order to progress in your career?

Do you struggle to identify or communicate your skills?

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