How to Choose a CV Writing Service

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Last week I gave you some tips regarding writing your CV but what if you believe that you don’t have time to do it  properly or would like some help to increase your chances of getting an interview. Just how do you choose a good CV writing service?

Well, just like choosing a good coach, you need to do your homework, particularly as there are many resume writing companies with great websites who will charge a lot of money to write your CV for you but who will in fact out source it to someone with very poor English skills who will only receive a small fraction of what you are paying the company. Others just take what you send them and put it in a different format!

Here are my tips to help you choose a career writing service:

  • This is definitely my number 1 – only choose a company that is willing to spend time talking with you to find out more about you. I don’t believe that anyone can turn your CV into one that will get you interviews without first finding out more about the type of work you are looking for, your skills, your experience and achievements, what motivates you and what makes you unique. They will also expect you to complete some form of questionnaire to help with this. (The great thing about this is that it will also help you prepare for the interview!)
  • Find a company who will first review your CV and advise what needs to be done to it before you have to sign up and pay for anything.  This way you will know in advance what you will get for your money.
  • Just as there is no one CV that fits all, neither should there be one price that fits all – you should not have to pay the same amount for someone to proofread your CV as you would for a complete re-write. And paying the highest price does not guarantee the highest quality product!
  • Don’t go by the website alone; make time to correspond with the company either by email though preferably by  telephone/Skype and find out who you are talking to – if it is a sales person then the chances are that the work will be outsourced or a template format used.
  • Find out about the person who will be reviewing your CV; what are their credentials, education and experience; and ask if you can see examples of their work to check that they are focusing on skills and achievements rather than just pretty formatting or worse just filling in a template – great writers will also often have been published in books or magazines.

These are my top 5 tips but you can find more tips to help you choose a CV writing service by clicking on this link:

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