The other day my son was moaning about how slow the computer was running, “I’m going to have to defrag it”, he shouted through to me.  Now I know my computer skills are not brilliant but after just having spent a few hours updating my website, I didn’t think they were that bad so why did I not have a clue what he was talking about?

That’s the great thing about having a 14 year old, they know it all (or at least they think they do!) so now I know that defragmentation is a computer program that clears space on a hard drive.  It basically gets rid of any unnecessary programmes and documents that are causing the system to go slow.  Wow, I need this programme for my head!

This time of year is always crazy.  I am busy with clients and trying to schedule dates that work round everyone’s holidays as well as making sure appointments don’t clash with scheduled workshop dates; my head is full of ideas for a new workshop that Jane and I are working on; making sure my kids are where they should be with after school activities which somehow seem to double at this time of year; trying to come up with ideas for Christmas presents and then worse of all, having to find time to go out and buy them and then there is everything else that has to be done for Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year but I really could do with some space in my head to let me think more quickly and clearly!

So the solution for me was to switch off my computer and head to the beach.  It was cold but the sun was shining and after walking at a fast pace for about half an hour the filing cabinet in my head was in order and my mind was much clearer.  So the next time you feel that you are so busy that your head could do with being defragged, find a way to shift the energy form your mind to your body – it really helps!


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