Do you think you have nothing to offer

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Have you ever felt that you had nothing to offer…no skills or gifts to share whatsoever?

I was recently working with a client who believed that about herself.

During spells of frustration or despair, it’s common to feel worthless. It can seem that everyone else is far more brilliant, beautiful & worthy of consideration.


In times like these, take solace in the one thing that you can offer that no-one else can: your unique perspective.

You see, nobody looks at the world the way that you do, nor thinks in exactly the same way. Once you start to engage your innate intelligence, be it simple and from the heart or complex and of the mind, your unique creativity begins to shine, and you become a beacon of brilliance.

You may be sitting on the one solution that no-one else can imagine, or you may hold just the right words to bring comfort and understanding to a tense situation. You never know until you start to apply your mind, your perspective & your creativity to something outside of yourself.

After completing a few exercises with my client which enabled her to put things in perspective, apply her mind and think creatively, she suddenly had that ‘aha’ moment when she realized that she did have a lot to offer and with some help was soon able to talk about her skills and achievements. Her confidence rose dramatically over a couple of weeks and she is now looking forward to her next interview.

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