Creating an impact at work

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While I strongly believe that we should never judge a book by its cover, there are times when appearance can have an impact on an outcome!

You may feel that you are doing a great job at work and can’t figure out why you are not being promoted as recognition for your efforts. If so, have you ever considered whether or not you look the part?

It is a strange fact, and one which I don’t agree with, but people who look like they will get on in a company are very often the ones who do, even when there may be more worthy candidates who are more capable and experienced. Unfortunately this is due to the fact that many people are influenced by what they take on visually – haven’t you ever been persuaded to buy something because of its packaging for example?

Those who are visually influenced regularly make huge assumptions about people from their appearance – have you ever jokingly asked someone if they have an interview or an important meeting on a day they appear to be more smartly dressed than normal?

If you are looking to create an impact at work or seeking a promotion, picture a room full of people who do the job you want and try to identify the ones who are particularly successful at creating an impact. Then write a detailed description of what these people look like, what they are wearing, how appropriate the style/colour is; what are the clues to their success?

Now take a critical look at yourself, do you look the part? And not just on the days when you do have an important meeting as the key here is to consistently look the part rather than just play acting on days when you think it is important.

An interesting point about looking the part is that you will tend to feel more confident a which will have positive impact on how successful you are.

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