Remember my 3 secrets to having more confidence?

  • What you are focusing on
  • The way you are moving and using your body
  • The language you are using

Today I want to show you how the way you move and use your body affects you confidence.

It’s actually very basic, the fewer movements you make the less energy you will have and therefore you will have less confidence.  Also the type of movements that you make will have an impact on whether you feel fired up and ready for action or whether you just want to go back to bed!

Think about a time when you felt low in confidence. How did you move your body?  The chances are you were very sluggish and lethargic.

So what can you do when you want to feel full of energy and confidence? The simplest way is to just get up and start moving around.  It has been proven that just moving around for 5 minutes can greatly increase your energy and confidence levels.

Stop sitting there wallowing in self doubt. Remember that you are the only person who can change your confidence levels so get up, move around, go for a short walk.  You’ll be surprised by the results.



I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Employment Interview Consultant, and Career Coach and it is my aim to help ambitious and motivated people like you become fully empowered to get the job you want.