Firstly, Happy New year to you all!  It seems ages since I have blogged.  All the festivities are now over and with the kids still off school, I am slowly get myself back into working mode. However, while the mind is willing, the body is a bit sluggish due to all the excesses over the festive period so I think exercise is definately on the cards – maybe a little later!

And so to chemistry.  This was a subject that I hated at school probably because I never really understood it even though I managed to scrape a pass in my fifth year higher exam and now when my kids say they have chemistry homework, I dread them asking me for help.  Even the mere mention of the word makes me want to switch off so when I  opened my emails this morning to find a link to a discussion on LinkedIn entitled Chemistry I was very tempted to delete it.  Thankfully, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link – unfortunately it is a closed group so I can’t include the link here.

The discussion was actually about selling and how, particularly in the case of a service provider, there needs to be ‘chemistry’ between the buyer and seller before a sale will take place.  This is particlurly true in the coaching business where there needs to be ‘chemistry’, i.e. trust, mutual respect and a willingness to create an open and confidential relationship before a coach and coachee can work together.

And, somwhere in there is a tentative link (bear with me, I did say I was slowly getting back to work after the hols!) to issue 4 of my Inspirational Toolkit – 7 ways to be persuasive.  I hope you find it useful and feel free to add your comments. issue 4 – 7 ways to be persuasive