Testimonials – the following are just a few of the things that some of Anne’s clients have said about working with her:

“Thank you so much for your help, without which it would have been almost impossible. I wasn’t confident about myself and wouldn’t have even tried to apply for an internship. Working with you kept me motivated to do it, and I learned how to write cover letters and CV! –  Thank you very much! I really appreciated your help!” Lana, recent graduate, Netherlands 

“Anne made the coaching session a truly insightful journey. She understood very well that deciding on a new direction and discovering ambitions and key strengths is not done overnight. She provided me with very helpful tools and sharp questions as food for thought to figure out my goals and adjusted to my pace. Always leaving me in the driver’s seat.” Charlotte, HR, Netherlands

“I had a great experience working together with Anne. It was very dynamic, useful and she put Focus on all the relevant aspects.The entire process was clear and very well structured.” Daniel, Supply Chain Manager, Germany

“Anne has guided me effectively to identify and clarify my interests and talents and to build a plan for the development of my personal skills and ideas, through training and experimenting.” Eri, Director European Research, Bucharest

“Anne was very supportive and an expert on the matter, my resume has improved a lot so has my linkedIn. She gave me very good advice also for the interviews and company point of view. She is a great coach I definitely recommend her.” Marta, Retail Operations Manager, Spain

“Voordat ik met Anne van Power to Change ging werken aan m’n c.v. dacht ik echt dat ik door het gat in m’n c.v. door verblijf in het buitenland en zorg voor de kinderen niet veel meer had bij te dragen. Zij heeft me in 1 gesprek en door een aantal oefeningen in laten zien dat ik wel degelijk iets heb bij te dragen en ook hoe ik het goed kan verwoorden. Ik kreeg m’n kwaliteiten weer helder, de rijke ervaring die ik heb op een rijtje, en ik kan het nu ook goed verwoorden. M’n focus ligt nu op het opstarten van m’n bedrijf, maar ik ben toch door een goed c.v. en brief uitgenodigd voor een aantal gesprekken. En ik voel me nu niet meer onzeker over het gat in m’n c.v.” Matthea, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, The Netherlands

“Anne was very helpful editing my CV and cover letters. She also gave a grounded expectation of the job market and was supportive in all my applications.” Mary, Law Graduate, The Netherlands

“Anne has got very solid coaching skills. She provided me with very professional support on re-designing my CV, highlighting my strengths, areas of expertise and skills. She also provided invaluable support on customizing the CV for different positions I applied for. Finally, she helped me in preparing for interviews. Anne was incredibly flexible; late evenings, Skype, e-mails, even when she’s on holiday she follows up. I was very pleased with the service received, it was worth every penny.” E. Cabrera, Regional Manager, The Netherlands

“Dear Anne, I would like to inform you that I have already accepted the proposal so I have a job!!!! I would like to thank you for all your time, advise and support. I am more than sure that without you help I would not be able to get the job.”  – Sandra, Events Manager Netherlands

“Just been offered an unconditional place at university. The feedback I received showed that I got 3 out of 3 for my CV and motivation letter from each of the 3 admissions tutors – thanks to your help!” Student, Netherlands

“Dear Anne, A few months ago you helped me out with my CV and sent me a report on areas that could be improved. You helped me out a great deal by pointing out things that, in hindsight, were obvious deficiencies and shortcomings.  A few weeks after sending out my ‘new’ CV I got an interview – my first since I started my job search 8 months ago. I will never truly know whether it was because of the improvements you suggested, or whether it was just the universe finally giving me a break, but I’m inclined to think it was the former. Thank you very much for your help.” Tamara, Netherlands

“Dear Anne, you really are a genius!  I sent the CV off Sunday night and received a reply the same evening assuring me that I would hear from them soon.  Monday morning at 10.00, I was offered a position subject to a brief meeting later this week.   I will keep you informed.” Teacher, Netherlands

“Anne Galloway gave me excellent and professional advice on updating my CV. If I need more help I would definitely contact her again.” Caroline T , Netherlands

“Anne is an awesome CV producer. 2 weeks from having my CV produced I have had 3 interviews with over 20 calls from recruiters and which has ended with a job offer. Anne CV’s unlocks doors ensuring candidates stand out to recruiters. “ – Chris, Senior Events Manager

“Anne is a brilliant career coach and CV writer who went the extra mile on this project. The work was delivered to a extremely high standard, on time and on budget. I’d recommend Anne to anyone who needs career advice or CV writing services.” – Ryan,  Director at one of Scotland’s leading digital designers, Edinburgh

“Anne has a lovely style in coaching; she is articulate in communication and endeavours to put her clients at ease. She is focused on outcomes and works with the client, questioning and probing to work towards the goal and actions to enable the goal to be achieved. Anne got me thinking and focused in an area I haven’t tackled before.” – Caroline, Company Director, Cheshire

Anne has been fantastic and is a real pleasure to work with. She is brilliant at what she does and certainly knows here business and is very professional. I hope I can use her again in the future. Simply outstanding!!” Mark J, Sales Executive

“I really enjoyed the brainstorming session with Anne, she helped me to clarify a lot of ideas that I had floating around in my head and also to pin point the specifics. At the end I had a BIG goal, but it seemed very achievable by the way that she helped me word it. Anne is also very good at keeping control of the session and not allowing me to go off on a tangent. She kept the session nicely within the time-frame, but we still achieved a huge amount.” – Alana, Coach, South Africa

“I had spent hours struggling to put my business plan together probably because I had amassed so much information from a variety of sources that I just didn’t know where to begin.  After only one hour with Anne it all just fitted into place.  She took time to listen and understand my business idea before guiding me through the information I needed to include in the plan – I didn’t realise it could be so easy!” – Eileen, business owner, Scotland

“What I really appreciated about the coaching sessions was that Anne never told me what to do instead she helped me to figure it out for myself and then showed me how to sell myself confidently on my CV and at interviews.” – Employee, ING Bank, Netherlands

“I learned that I have the transferable skills and strengths to apply myself to other industries.  The ‘How to Sell Yourself’ programme has given me the confidence boost to get out there and find a job.” – Mark, Enviroment Consultant, Netherlands

And some feedback from our workshops

(please note that attendees are not asked to enter their names on the feedback forms for our workshops).

“I felt that the word ‘empowering’ reflected the workshop. It really gives you a wake-up call.” – Attendee, Goal Setting Workshop

It’s been really nice to have everything clearly laid out and to know that I am not on my own.” – Attendee, Your Future Workshop

“I found the comments session with Anne very inspirational. I am marvelled by the impact of this workshop – thank you!” – Attendee, Your Future Workshop

“This workshop was well presented, lively and interesting. I now have some inspiring ideas on how to market myself.” – Attendee, Stand Out From the Crowd

“Thank you for the great course. I have been able to apply the lessons learned to a  number of things within my business and towards interaction with customers.” – Attendee, Stand Out From the Crowd


I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Employment Interview Consultant, and Career Coach and it is my aim to help ambitious and motivated people like you become fully empowered to get the job you want.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

 – Eleanor Roosevelt