I currently present career development workshops on a range of subjects including CV/resume writing and interview training for groups and individuals that can be done in-person at various locations throughout The Netherlands and soon, in your own time online.

Here’s an overview of the career development workshops I offer:

Kick Start Your New Career

A practical and inspiring workshop designed to help you through those first essential stages of changing career or returning to work after a career break. You’ll learn how to figure out what you really want out of your career and make a realistic action plan.

Recommended for:

  • Students
  • Those considering returning to work after a career break
  • You, if you really don’t like your current job but have no idea what you would be happier doing

Length: 4 hours

The Secrets to a Winning CV

Identify which type of CV suits your needs and define what key information will make you stand out to hiring managers and recruiters. You’ll also learn how to analyse job advertisements and how to customise your CV for each job you apply for.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone whose current CV is not getting them interviews.

Length: 4 hours

The Secrets to Interview Success

Discover proven techniques for interview preparation, the questions everyone needs to answer and how to respond with clarity, as well as how to make a compelling statement about why a company should hire you.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone who struggles to sell themselves confidently in an interview situation.

Length: 4 hours

Successful Job Search Strategies

Ensure your job search strategy is successful by defining what you want to do, and how to create a strong personal brand around this goal. You’ll come up with creative strategies you might not have thought of to find job vacancies and learn best practises for using social media tools such as LinkedIn.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone looking for a new job.

Length: 4 hours

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What I really appreciated about the coaching sessions was that Anne never told me what to do. Instead she helped me to figure it out for myself and then showed me how to sell myself confidently on my CV and at interviews.

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I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Employment Interview Consultant, and Career Coach and it is my aim to help ambitious and motivated people like you become fully empowered to get the job you want.