Career Plan – Do you even one?

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I read a report recently about some research that was carried out by Office Angels that showed that nearly ¾ of UK workers did not have a career plan and over 1/3 felt that they were behind on their career or it was not at all on track!



So what is your career plan or do you even have one? And did you know that it is your responsibility as your employer only has to show you what opportunities are available!

Follow these few steps and start planning your career today so that you can make this your best year ever:

  1. Look at what went really well over the last year?
    – even if you didn’t achieve everything you wish you had, there were probably some highlights, list those.
  2. Why did it go well?
    – rarely do people think about WHY good things happened but it is important that you do.
  3. How can you do more of it?
    – Look for ways to amplify your successes.
  4. What could have gone better?
    – let’s not spend a lot of time on this, but find your top 3 areas where there’s room for improvement and start listing ways that you can improve in these areas.
  5. What will you do differently this year?
    – What are you going to stop doing completely, outsource, or get better at.
  6. What ould make the coming year a total 10?
    – a total 10 for results AND a total 10 for fun and enjoyment – you spend on verage 1/3 of your life working so you need to enjoy it!
  7. What ould make achieving a total 10 year faster and easier?
    – What would short cut the achievement curve so you get to the good stuff even aster?

Of course, if you’d like a complete career check-up, just drop me an email because career choice is an ongoing process not a onetime decision and once you have decided a career direction, your journey into career development has only just begun. Your career success depends far more on these later developments than on the initial choice which is why a regular career check up is so important!


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