How to predict the right career

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career prediction

career prediction

Are you struggling to figure out exactly what career you want to follow and wish you could wave a magic wand and instantly have the result? Unfortunately that’s not an option open to us so how do you predict the right career for you?

The honest answer is that you can’t!

I know that there are several ‘prediction’ models available which suggest that if you know certain things about your abilities and interests for example then it is possible to forecast which careers you would enjoy and be successful in. What this fails to recognise is that you are a unique individual with the amazing ability of being able to change, grow and develop your abilities and interests. Therefore, a career based on a static ‘prediction’ model alone is unlikely to lead to long term success.

If you really want to have a career that you enjoy and are successful in then rather than trying to predict your career  I would recommend that you put your energy into career development i.e. identifying your strongest skills and then focussing on those that you enjoy using the most. These are called your motivated skills and the more you can use your motivated skills, the more you will enjoy and be successful in a job. Identifying your motivated skills can also open  your mind to a range of career possibilities.

As individuals, we are continually learning and accumulating skills and achievements through our experiences (the  majority of which are transferrable) and if you are motivated enough you are also capable of learning and developing new skills.

So how does this help you choose the ‘right’ career?

Well, for a start, it puts you back in the driving seat; it gives you the opportunity to shape your career in one or more directions by looking at the skills you have and identifying the ones you want to develop.  It also recognises that you change and grow over time and therefore to achieve the career success you desire, you may need to change direction as the career you once ‘predicted’ is no longer right for you.

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