Can we control our destiny?

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Over the last 4 weeks I have blogged about a number of business related issues and I promise that this mini-series will continue next week however, having just returned from a two week holiday I wanted to share something with you that is important for everyone whether or not you have your own business.

While back in Scotland, we had great plans to climb several Munros (mountains over 3000 ft (914.4 m).  Unfortunately the part of Scotland we were in had almost twice its annual rainfall for the whole month of August in the week we were there! The weather was pretty bad so hill walking to these sort of heights would have been no fun at all  – just too wet and cold and we probably wouldn’t have seen any of the fantastic views from the top given all the low cloud and mist.

We still had a great time and managed to do some hill walking at a lower level in between rain showers!

On the ferry on the way back to Holland we watched a movie called The Adjustment Bureau.  Have you seen it?  Going by the name, it didn’t seem to be a film that I would normally go and see but going to the cinema on the boat is a great way to pass the time and I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it.

It is about a man who glimpses the future that Fate has planned for him and realizes he wants something else. Without giving too much away, he finds out that he is up against the agents of Fate itself – the men of The Adjustment Bureau – who will do everything in their considerable power to prevent him having the future he wants. In the face of overwhelming odds, he must either let
the future he wants go and accept a predetermined path…or risk everything to defy Fate, which of course he does!

What I believe this film shows is that if you want something badly enough then with a lot of work and effort on your part, it can be achieved so long as you are 100% committed to achieving it.

So what do you think, do we control our destiny, or do unseen forces manipulate us?

If you feel that Fate (or the agents of the Adjustment Bureau) is preventing you from reaching your goals then contact me at anne@power-to-change to see how I can help.


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