Bergen – a town inspiring it’s international residents

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This month I’d like to introduce you to another talented friend of mine who recently decided to add to her already busy schedule, the running of mybergenonline in order to help the international community here in Bergen, North Holland.

Here is Jing’s story: provides information in English about living in Bergen, North Holland. Where to find fresh  local products? What to do with the children? Where to do sport? What is the next art/music festival in town? You can find out all you need to know about living in Bergen with this website made for people whose Dutch is not sufficient.

This website was created in 2010 by Kim, a lady from the Western United States. After living in Bergen for a while, she saw an opportunity to assist the international community with obtaining helpful information and advice about living in the area. This website has been taken over by me since Kim left the Netherlands, in July 2012.

I lived for 4 years in Alkmaar, a town just 5km away from Bergen, and moved to Bergen very recently. Despite of the 4  long years spent in Holland, my Dutch is still not very good (shame on me). I thought it would be wonderful to continue
doing Kim’s website and let non-Dutch speakers, no matter if they are new residents or people who have been here longer, fully enjoy living in a nice town such as Bergen.

As a matter of fact, I have so much fun writing new articles for the website, because each time it is exciting to discover interesting people that I probably pass by in the village without knowing who they are or what they do. And of course, those hidden local stores and fresh products, and even better, art or music festivals which have made of Bergen a place of culture.

I will continue to manage this website because I am sure there will still be plenty of things and people to write about. If you have any suggestions or advice, my email is

See you in the neighbourhood!



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