I have come a long way since my school report card in which one teacher had written ‘…but lacks attention to detail’. Though I have to admit that there are still occasionally times where this still applies and this came to light just yesterday.  The book that I have been co-writing came back from the publisher for review.  This was really exciting.  I had enjoyed the time spent writing the book and pulling it all together and to finally be able to see what it was going to look like was amazing.  But what I found surprising was how difficult it was for me to proof something that I had written because I have never had a problem proof reading other peoples work.  This was something that really needed attention to detail and yet I was struggling.

When starting up in business, it is very easy to get side tracked and attempt to try to do everything by yourself in order to save some money (admit it, we’ve all done it and I’d be interested in hearing your story if you’d like to share it).  The thing you have to remember is that your time is money so think carefully where you spend it.  Sometimes it actually works out cheaper in the long run to employ someone to do the tasks you are not so good at.

That’s why I think it’s important, where possible, to concentrate on what you do best and enjoy doing and get help for the rest and that’s why I am glad that I am not having to proof read the book on my own!


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