Are you thinking of changing career?

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I was speaking with a client last night who, despite being in a job she really enjoys, has found an amazing job opportunity that she feels she just has to apply for. This particular position would be fantastic chance for her to something very unusual but it is in a totally different field from the one she is in now so she wants help to make sure that her CV really stands out and sell her on her skills and strengths.

Interestingly enough,  I am finding that more people are looking to take their career in another direction. This may be because they are fed up doing what they are doing, are like my client and  feel that it is time to try something new or because their current job search is not getting them a job in the field they are currently in.

If this is you and you are thinking of changing career, here are my 3 quick tips to help you:

  • Look before you leap and by this I mean do your research.  This just requires that you set aside some time and take advantage of the information that is available to you on social media and the internet to learn as much as possible about the new field you would like to work in; which companies are the key players and which positions within these companies does your skill set and expertise align with.
  • Carry out informal interviews and talk to people who work or have worked in your chosen field or industry. You can do this by finding and connecting with the right people on LinkedIn for example. This is also a great way to expand your network and find out about possible job opportunities.
  • Dust down your CV and tailor it to fit the new field. Career change CVs are unique and must emphasis your relevant skills and achievements as well as contain a strong keyword rich profile.

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