So how are you feeling being back at work and already halfway through January?  Are you still thinking of applying for another job or changing your career direction completely?

Did you know that these days employers are being swamped by the number of CVs and applications they receive for any new vacancies?  This is good reason in itself to have a really well prepared CV but did you also know that many people are being overlooked for positions, not because they aren’t well suited for the job but because they do not have a good CV!

Many of these candidates may be well suited for the job but because they are not able to sell themselves, their CVs do not do justice to their skills, personality and experience so they don’t even get invited in for an interview.

Don’t be like the majority.  If you want to be able to really sell yourself and Stand out from the Crowd, then join us at our next personal branding workshop (click on the link for details).  Alternatively, if you want help updating your CV and to look at alternative ways of presenting yourself and finding your ideal job then drop me an email – I’d love to help.


I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Employment Interview Consultant, and Career Coach and it is my aim to help ambitious and motivated people like you become fully empowered to get the job you want.