Are these 3 fears blocking your job search?

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Last week I wrote about the 7 job hunting mistakes you should avoid however, what if you are not making any of these mistakes but still not finding a job? Perhaps it is because something is holding you back.

So,  are any of these 4 fears blocking your job search?

  • Networking – this should be an important part of your job search strategy but a lot of people feel intimidated by the mere thought of networking and feel very uncomfortable about having to speak to strangers.  I would suggest that you set yourself a goal of speaking to just 2 people at the next networking event you go to; don’t view these people as future employers, instead just speak to them about the things that you know best and prepare a few questions to ask so that then you just have to listen and hopefully learn something new. After speaking to just 2 people, you should feel good about having reached your goal and the chances are you will go on to speak to more people. You can read more tips about networking with confidence here, issue 2 – 7 ways to network effectively.
  • Interviews – I haven’t met anyone who genuinely gets a buzz out of going to interviews and I think that the reason behind this is the fear of rejection. However, if they have invited you to an interview, you must have a strong CV and they are clearly interested in what you have to offer. View the interview as an opportunity to highlight your experience and achievements and show why you want this particular job with this company. Preparation is the key to interviews and the more prepared you are, the more confident you can feel. You can find out more about how to ace an interview here, issue 9 – 7interview tips
  • Agedo you think that there is no point in applying for a job because you think you are too old? Then read this article and convince the recruiter that they need your experience. On the other hand, you may not want to apply for a position because you think you are too young and fear that you won’t even be considered due to your perceived lack of experience.  This is where it is important that you know and communicate your transferable skills, think about any non work related achievements see if you can relate them to the requirements of the job; then show how you are willing and capable of picking up new ideas quickly.
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