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Every Monday morning I like to start the day reading some articles that I have received over the weekend, two of which I just had to share with you – especially if you (or someone you know) are considering going to university and seeking advice on further education.  Please read for more about making this big decision.

The first article I read this morning was entitled “Is University Really Worth it Anymore?” – a  potentially controversial title which of course made me want to read more!  This article claimed that research by YouGov for Unis Not For Me (a careers advice website) found that only 38% of people agreed that a university education provides a good return on investment. What I found really interesting was that these findings were supported by the UK governments Minister for Universities and Science!

This really got me thinking as my son is currently trying to decide which Universities he wants to apply to.

I then turned the page and on the following page of the magazine was an article entitled, “Two Thirds of Employers Plan to Hire Graduates”. This article was based on a recent study by which showed that graduates could expect to get up to 20% higher salaries than they did in 2011 and that 17% of companies also said that they were going to recruit more graduates this year than in 2011. The most positive findings were that 60% of employers are planning to hire new graduates this year and more than half are hoping to recruit 10 graduates while 29% are planning on hiring 10-50.  These positive findings were reiterated by the president of Careerbuilder who was quoted as saying, “Employers across the UK are placing a strong emphasis on recruiting fresh talent for positions designed to drive revenue – and in certain areas – they’re willing to pay more for high skilled, educated labour”.

Thankfully this second article gave me hope!

In the first article few people felt that a university education was a good return on investment – I have to disagree as I believe that it is an invaluable learning experience no matter what job you have at the end of it. If you have the ability and the opportunity to go to university, take it as it gives you a fantastic opportunity to learn (not just about the subjects you are studying) and grow as a person.

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