A positive look at job hopping

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I recently had a client come to me concerned about how he could successfully market himself for a new job when his current CV was very long. The reason that he had had so many jobs due to the fact that he rarely stayed more than three years with the same company.


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He felt he had no job stability and that employers would view this negatively.

Some employers might; however let’s take a positive look at job hopping.

Did you know that people who change jobs every few years generally:

  • have a higher learning curve,
  • are higher performers,
  • care about making a good impression as they know they are unlikely to stay long at one company
  • are often paid up to 50% more than those who stay long term with the same company

The negative image of people who frequently change jobs is definitely diminishing!

In fact, changing jobs on a regular basis highlights a desire to be continually learning and developing yourself professionally – you will have to develop the skills to quickly learn effectively as you will not be becoming dependent on one employer.

So long as you can prove that you are always adding value to the positions you hold, job hopping shouldn’t be seen negatively.


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