7 Tips to Building Your Own Personal Brand

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Welcome to the first edition of my ‘Inspirational Toolkit’.  Click on the link above to find my top 7 tips to help you build your own personal brand.  The timing of this couldn’t be better as I am co-hosting a workshop in Amsterdam on the 21st of October entitled ‘Stand out from the Crowd’.  This workshop is packed full of useful information and exercises to help you highlight your talents and develop a strong personal image which you can use to help sell yourself at an interview, apply in your advertising and marketing material, and on your social networking media.  If you are in the Amsterdam area on the 21st of October, we’d love to see you – contact me now for more details.

Issue 2 of the Inspirational Toolkit will be available early next month and please look out for my next blog where I will introduce you to Jane Stephenson who co-hosts workshops with me.


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