7 Secrets to Successful Marketing

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In the final article for this particular mini series of blog posts I had to bring you the latest edition of  my Inspirational Toolkit, issue 13 – 7 secrets to succesful marketing.  The whole idea behind my Inspirational Toolkit was to bring you seven quick tips each month which would be easy for you to implement and work on during the month and this month, more than others, I have really struggled to keep it to seven.

You will have noticed that I haven’t mentioned social media very much in this particular mini series. That’s not because it doesn’t play an important role in business and marketing success but that it is just one of many tools that can be used to connect and build relationships with potential clients. In fact social media is so big now it deserves a whole mini series in itself and that’s what I
will be working on so that very soon I will be able to bring you lots of really useful information on social media taken from my  new coaching program entitled ‘Online Marketing Strategies’ which will be officially launched as soon as my new website is up and running.  In the meantime, if you would like to hear more about it, please drop me an email, anne@power-to-change.eu

Next week the focus will be on ‘careers’ and as always, please don’t forget to leave your comments!


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