7 Low cost ways to promote your business

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Today I went to visit Vivienne McAlister of Simply Skin because I had missed the official opening of her fantastic new shop in Weesp last Saturday – after seeing it in person, I defy anyone to go into her shop and come out without buying something!  And the great thing is that she has a webshop too http://www.simplyskin.eu/

Anyway, as I was driving home I decided to see how many ways I could come up with to promote a  business. I quickly realised that there were so many and my 45 minutes in the car wouldn’t be long enough so I chose to rule out the obvious ones of a press release or paid advertising and stick only to low cost methods.  Even then I was amazed at how many I came up with so after a lot of deliberation I have managed to choose my top 7.  You  can read them in this months issue of my Inspirational Toolkit, issue 19 – 7 low cost ways to promote your business

My list is of course considerably longer and I challenge you to come up with an idea that isn’t already on it so please share your low cost business promotion idea as a comment below and I’ll let you know if it is one to add to my list and the 10th person to submit an idea that is not on my list will receive a copy of the complete list!



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