7 job hunting mistakes you should avoid

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Job search is hard work, that’s a fact. It is now even more important when you are up against so many highly qualified applicants that you get it right which is why it is important that you avoid the following 7 job hunting mistakes:


  1. Lack of planning – as the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and that applies equally to your job search. Be specific about what your ultimate goal is. In other words, focus on finding the “right” job for you rather than just finding any job, set out your daily and weekly plan to achieve it and create a system of accountability to prevent procrastination.
  2. Having a “one size fits all” CV – you must make time to update your CV and tailor it every time you apply for a job in order to clearly show how your skills and expertise match the requirements for the job and show how  you can add value to the postion.
  3. Limiting your job search –Trawling the jobs sections of newspapers and sending your CV to recruitment agencies is no longer enough. If you want your job search to be effective then make use of all the resources available; use social media sites, join online job boards, register at online recruitment sites, apply to online job postings and get networking online too.
  4. Ineffective networking – networking should be the main focus of your job search but you have to go about it the right way (issue 2 – 7 ways to network effectively). The key to effective networking is not to talk a lot and blatantly asking for a job is definitely not the way to go. Instead you need to be a good listener, ask for advice and remember that the key to good networking is in the giving not the taking.
  5.  Taking Rejection Personally – There is really no point on dwelling too much on the rejection letters you receive, or worse still the non response to your application. You have to face it, some employers will say no and the key here is to use this as constructive feedback to help you improve. Take time to evaluate your job search and see where you can improve; maybe your CV or interview skills need a little more work. The key is to stay positive.
  6. Lack of interview preparation – There really is no excuse for this because when you evaluate the interview process, all job interviews are comprised of 4 key elements: articulating your value, conveying your knowledge of the company and asking intelligent questions and practice. Think about the amount of time you need to prepare for each of these elements and then double it – you will now be closer to spending the right amount of time preparing.
  7. Too confident – you may think that you are more than qualified for the position you are applying for but that does not mean that you have all the skills the company is looking for. Company’s want to know what you can do for them backed up by evidence of the value you have added to your previous employers.


If you feel that you are making any of these mistakes and would like help improving your job search contact anne@power-to-change.eu to find out more about how I can help.


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