5 Quick Tips to Marketing your CV

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I have been so busy writing CVs and helping clients to get jobs that recently I haven’t found time to write so here are my 5 Quick Tips to Marketing your CV:


  1. Target your job market – even if you are not exactly sure what you want, you can shorten your search by focusing on 1-3 key areas.
  2. Clean up your social media and make sure that you have a professional looking email address.
  3. Write your CV making sure it contains relevant keywords that can be picked up by the applicant tracking systems.
  4. Draft a list of C.A.R. (Challenge, Action, Result) stories that you can use to tailor your CV to target different job requirements or for writing cover letters – also very useful interview preparation!
  5. Monitor progress and keep records of where you submitted your CV and when, which recruitment agencies or jobs boards are alerting you to the best job posts and which are leading to interviews.

And think of when to submit your CV; Mondays are usually busy days whereas Friday is almost the weekend! The best days therefore tend to be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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